Hot Cams Racing Camshaft Stage 3 Exhaust

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  • Condition: New
  • SKU: 4303-3E-476
  • MPN: 4303-3E
  • Part: Camshaft


NOTE: Intake and exhaust cams are sold separately. Dual-cam motor. Used as a set these cams provide the most high-rpm power. These cams are best suited for higher-speed riding applications and oversize engines. Uses stock valve springs.

  • High-performance racing camshaft
  • In most applications, Stage 1 cams deliver more torque and Stage 2 cams provide more peak horsepower
  • Stage 1 and Stage 2 performance camshafts are drop-in cams that are designed to be used with stock valve springs
  • These items are designed exclusively for closed-course competition use ONLY. Use on public lands or highways in the state of California is illegal
  • Select series features the New Gold Series camshafts that are designed to provide extra torque and horsepower. These camshafts require the use of stiffer valve springs

This part is compatible with 26

Year Make Model Submodel
2010 Yamaha YFZ450R --
2009 Yamaha YFZ450RSE Special Edition
2010 Yamaha YFZ450RSE Special Edition
2012 Yamaha YFZ450RSE Special Edition
2012 Yamaha YFZ450R --
2011 Yamaha YFZ450X --
2011 Yamaha YFZ450XSE Special Edition
2013 Yamaha YFZ450R --
2013 Yamaha YFZ450RSE Special Edition
2009 Yamaha YFZ450R --
2010 Yamaha YFZ450X --
2014 Yamaha YFZ450R --
2011 Yamaha YFZ450R --
2011 Yamaha YFZ450RSE Special Edition
2014 Yamaha YFZ450RSE Special Edition
2010 Yamaha YFZ450X Bill Balance Edition
2015 Yamaha YFZ450RSE Special Edition
2015 Yamaha YFZ450R --
2016 Yamaha YFZ450R --
2016 Yamaha YFZ450R Special Edition
2017 Yamaha YFZ450RSE --
2017 Yamaha YFZ450R --
2018 Yamaha YFZ450RSE --
2018 Yamaha YFZ450R --
2019 Yamaha YFZ450RSE --
2019 Yamaha YFZ450R --


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