Ultimax UA CVT Clutch Drive Belt

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  • Condition: New
  • SKU: UA433-1781
  • MPN: UA433
  • Part: Belts


Each belt is crafted from only the best rubber compounds and tough Aramid cord. Ultimax belts enhance the efficiency of the variable speed drive system. Eliminates excessive friction and tension, preventing drive damage. Exacting belt length tolerance minimizes system wear and avoids slippage.
  • Made in USA by the Timken Company
  • To file a proper claim, you must either complete the warranty form provided on the back of the sleeve that came with the belt.
  • Use only on recommended applications

This part is compatible with 48

Year Make Model Submodel
1998 Argo Atv Bigfoot 6x6
1999 Argo Atv Bigfoot 6x6
2000 Argo Atv Bigfoot 6x6
2001 Argo Atv Bigfoot 6x6
2002 Argo Atv Bigfoot 6x6
2003 Argo Atv Bigfoot 6x6
2004 Argo Atv Bigfoot 6x6
2005 Argo Atv Bigfoot 6x6
2006 Argo Atv Bigfoot 6x6
2003 Argo Atv Conquest 6x6
2006 Argo Atv Conquest 6x6
1995 Argo Atv Vanguard 6x6
1996 Argo Atv Vanguard 6x6
1997 Argo Atv Vanguard 6x6
1998 Argo Atv Vanguard 6x6
1999 Argo Atv Vanguard 6x6
2000 Argo Atv Vanguard 6x6
2001 Argo Atv Vanguard 6x6
2002 Argo Atv Vanguard 6x6
2003 Argo Atv Vanguard 6x6
2004 Argo Atv Vanguard 6x6
2005 Argo Atv Vanguard 6x6
2006 Argo Atv Vanguard 6x6
2007 Argo Atv Vanguard 6x6
2006 Argo Atv Vanguard 2 6x6
2007 Argo Atv Vanguard 2 6x6
1997 Argo Atv Conquest 8x8
1998 Argo Atv Conquest 8x8
1999 Argo Atv Conquest 8x8
2000 Argo Atv Conquest 8x8
2001 Argo Atv Conquest 8x8
2002 Argo Atv Conquest 8x8
2003 Argo Atv Conquest 8x8
2004 Argo Atv Conquest 8x8
2005 Argo Atv Conquest 8x8
2006 Argo Atv Conquest 8x8
2007 Argo Atv Response 8x8
2006 Argo Atv Response 8x8
2005 Argo Atv Response 8x8
2004 Argo Atv Response 8x8
2003 Argo Atv Response 8x8
2002 Argo Atv Response 8x8
2001 Argo Atv Response 8x8
2000 Argo Atv Response 8x8
1999 Argo Atv Response 8x8
1998 Argo Atv Response 8x8
1997 Argo Atv Response 8x8
1996 Argo Atv Response 8x8


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